Group Membership "Everyone" is not limited enough (Automation Cloud Enterprise)

Currently all new users are automatically added to “Everyone” and you cannot uncheck it:
This group has the following access:

I miss the ability to prevent a user from seeing “licenses”, “users” and “API Keys” etc.
It isn’t very sensitive data but it would be great if we could limit these things as well, business users don’t need access to that information, especially not API key.

To compare it to On-Prem: This feels a bit like giving all users access to the Host tenant.

Why is it not possible to invite a user without giving any access upfront, and then just give him/her the access needed?
For example: we invite a business user, adds him to a modern folder with a role that gives him access to view queues, jobs and logs. He then automatically gets access to that service/tenant, but not able to see other services, licenses, users, and API keys, etc.

If there aren’t any technical reasons behind this, then I don’t understand why the minimum is set by UiPath.

@Geoff, @badita - Do any of you know if we today can change the basic access or if there is a plan to implement/enable it?

Hi @Obsev

Thank you for your feedback, I’ll try to find some answers :slight_smile:

An update. Although it is not possible to modify the Everyone permission today, our team is looking into ways to improve it in the future.

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