Group by sum and add the grouped data to a new datatable

use immediate panel

Groups.Count - in your case: ListBuilddt.Count - Count of Groups
Groups.Average(Function (x) x.Count) - Avg of groups members

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List count - 246093, average - 1.0074931022012004

Hi ppr, please can you share a sample parallel for each you’ve tested that is working fine so I run it on mine system to know what’s wrong with mine as I am still stuck and haven’t moved with the solution.Regards

please provide me some sample data (at least 2 groups) to be more close to your case. Thanks

[quote=“ppr, post:4, topic:390230”]

Second file loaded - (2.3 MB)

Hi Ppr, are you there, apologies I sent the wrong files yesterday, the right files to contains sensitive information but it doesn’t process for the solution. It has up to 11 headers

currently im looking on it.

there were some incorrect implementations within the XAML which I corrected.

I was upading the grouping / summation to TRNS, Sheet1 data
transaction.Rows.Count: 288999

  • Groups
  • Executed within less then 5 seconds for entire workflow

Find updated MAin here:
Main.xaml (11.1 KB)


Alright, I have downloaded will check and mark

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