Group By rows from excel and Create a Folder

Hello Developers,

I am working on developing a BOT where invoice data is stored in an excel.
Excel structure is shared below in the snapshot.

It has one column called “Request Number”.
This number will always be grouped together in excel
BOT is going to loop through each row of excel and do certain transactions which generate PDF files. Where I need help is:

  1. I want to create folder for each unique request number on a sharepoint.
  2. Transfer the files which are generated per row into respective folders.

For example: There are two rows with request number REQ1. There will be two pdf files which will have to be transferred and likewise.


you wanted to create a SharePoint folder according Request number type ?correct

Yes, Thats correct.

Example: predefined path\REQ1
predefined path\REQ2


Hope the following sample helps you. (9.3 KB)

Note: It might be necessary to modify createFolder activity to the best suited activities in your environment such as O365 package


Thanks a lot, This flow really helps.

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