Group by column and add other columns accordingly

sorry i couldnt follow this.

no problem, lets do it step by step:

requested was:

but data in datatable is different:

so the values / formats are different

more clear so far?

yes…i understood. Sample one didnt have $ symbol

I m getting 0 even when the Amount isnt zero…

yes in both cases / LINQ as the tryparse is also not accepting the $format

my bad .sorry i missed it while creating a sample one .

find updated LINQ above

Thanks .Getting validation error saying “NumberStyles is either declared or not in current scope”

try the following:

import it when not present

still the same .

Let s = va.Sum(Function (x) Double.Parse(x.toString.Trim,NumberStyles.Any, myCI))


i have System.Globalization too. not sure why this is throwing error.

I opened a new process and tried the same .It worked .Do you have any idea what was the issue …

so the topic can be closed, right?
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Thanks a lot for your timely help.

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