Group and Transpose Datatable

I have the following datatable with 2 columns

ABC  123  
ABC  456  
ABC  789  
DEF  234  
DEF  456  
GHI  567  
GHI  678  

I would like to group on column 1 and transpose each group into its own column. For example, it would look like this after:

123   234   567  
456   456   678  

I’ve scoured the internet, but can’t seem to phrase my question properly. Would definitely appreciate any guidance. Thanks!

For grouping, see this solution by Florent_Salendres

(modified) Group.xaml (10.7 KB)

And for the transpose,

I think these meet your requirements.


Hi Tuanxn, sorry for my english but i’m french so … :-/
Of course this topic is old, but i try to do exactly what you explain and i don’t find real solution in responses.
So, did you get the solution to your request? please if you have, could you give me the xaml ?
with all my thanks