Grid Error İDX


There are 2-3 more grids such as “A” and “B” grids, they are opened according to their order of operation. Grid “A” is the main grid. However, the idx numbers of all of them change each time the grid is opened.


Before b is opened, grid a is idx=2, but since grid b is opened, grid a becomes 3 and b becomes 2. When grid c is opened, grid a becomes 2 again, grid c 1, grid 3 b.

I click on grid A, but when grid c b is opened, click goes to grid b.

I have to go back to the beginning every time there is a loop.

In many scenarios idx is dynamic, therefore may cause your selectors to be unreliable. While I don’t know how your application behaves I can suggest to change the approach using for example anchor base or find relative element.

thank you but “Anchor Base” also changes.

try to find any other attributes other than idx combining the root nodes as well

Hello @d.ulutas Can you please share the selector screenshots of grid A and grid b