Grand Total (Studio)

Hi, so I have this automation that gets the sum of each allocated total depending on name and date and outputs those results onto another sheet on excel. I am confused on how to find the grand total for each month. So for example March grand total would equal 6757.55 and I want to record that grand total under all the results in that specific month sheet. I provided screenshots to the month sheets results and the file I am getting the allocated data (column W in Concur Data) and the Studio automation

2021 YTD Weekly Billing Expense Allocation - Copy.xlsx (19.9 KB)

test.xaml (26.0 KB)

YourDataTableVar.AsEnumerable.Max(Function (x) CDbl(“0” & x(“Total”).toString.Trim))
will return the Max value

Where would I add that in my code? I also added my UIPath studio automation to the post.