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Hello everybody :robot:

Hope everyone is doing great. My question is I want to do a graduation project with RPA. But i do not know what kind of project i can do as a graduation project. It has to be unique and a bit difficult. Teacher is askin about the topic. He will let me start my project If he accept the idea or topic.

Feelin a bit stuck. Nothing comes to my mind. Any ideas or suggestions :thinking:

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There you have got good numbers of RPA projects With different scenario
You can choose that if you want to take slight easier or medium complex project


You can refer some of the use cases from here in UiPath use case repository
Choose and modify as per your interest


Check with chatgpt for different concepts or topics that are interested to use along with UiPath

Let us know if u r facing any challenges while doing

Cheers @170290064

I believe this will bring u lot of ideas

Hi @Palaniyappan

You can check out the Use cases Repo as @Palaniyappan bro mentioned

Have attached few resource below


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