Grabing data from an excel to web

Hello guys!

I wanted to grab information from an excel to google and then grap the first 4 pages (including titles, url and snippets)
Any idea how to do it?

Currently I am using a flowchart with an excel application scope and a For Each Row activities inside.
But how to put information of each cell on google, do the search and grab all that information?

Thank you!! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the UiPath community .

  1. Start by creating a .xaml file with an input arguement .
  2. complete the code in the xaml file to open google and get the Info.
    3.Test this Xaml by hardcoding the arguement.
  3. Once this is running successfully for the Value passed.
  4. Invoke this Xaml into the for each and now the arguement value will be from the excel you read in a Datatable.


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