Grab hyperlink irrespective of location in mail

I would receive an email that should have a hyperlink with certain invoice no i am supposed to click.
To ignore other emails and only select that email- i used isMatch activity-
Now from this email I want to filter out the href link for the text searched above
When i use- it works fine
But i would like a way to grab the link just before the client word i have used in the ismatch activity above.

I would appreciate an easier way to do this.
Any help is appreciated!

Hi @Anu14,

Use the below regex,


Where the value is hardcoded that value you will be passing extracitng the invoice number first and passing to above regex.

Ismatch activity returns a boolean value, to get the value import system.text.regularexpressions and use Regex.match(Inputstring,“Pattern”).tostring

Thank you @anil5 for replying
I used the above expression-
It is now exluding the first https that outlook appends.
Could you please take a look?


On the right side, match information click on full match and use the above expression


Use pattern as
This will match only the URL in the href and even works when client invoice number changes

Use this


Use the above expression.
the below expression


thank you Madhavi.
The text changed a bit but yes something similar worked.

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