Got offer to join UiPath

Hello All

I got job offer to join Uipath as technical account manager, however looks like there is no clarity about what this role really means. Since people are doing very technical work while others are focussing on commercials. What is your opinion about this job?

Welcome! While I can’t answer your question directly, I think the best person to ask this to would be the person who offered you the job. It’s a generic title and I doubt anyone here could provide anything more than a guess.

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I agree with @mwsupra. You are not going to get clarity here. Surely you would have been given the job spec ? If not ask for it. When you get hired your role and responsibilities are explained to you so go back to that person who gave you the offer and get clarity from him/her.

congrats on your new job. as @mwsupra susgested better to check with the person who offered you the job.