Got Evaluated 0/100 FAILED on Level 3 - Advanced Training: 2. Assignment no. 1

I develop the program by ReFrameWork and can complete it, but I got Evaluated 0/100 FAILED.
Could you help to suggest me, please? (512.6 KB)

hi @akkapolk
make sure you have this things:

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Hi @akkapolk

Based on the evaluation result you have got, I could see that there were 11 items and 10 got updated as competed. However, looks like none of them were correctly updated.

So, check the hascode generation formula again to see whether the code is generated properly based on the values and the rules. next, make sure the proper hashcode is captured and updated in the comments section.

Also check why one item was not processed at all…

Check these stuff, and you should be fine…


@fernando_zuluaga, @Lahiru.Fernando, Thank you very much.


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