Got a problem in stmp mail activity

Hey Forum,
i had been trying to send mails through uipath stmp mail activity
I had tried different methods to solve the error.
had not got any output except uipath scolding me
error: Send SMTP Mail Message: No such host is known
ppl pls help me through this…
banging my head for the past 3 days
thank you

Hi @Gowtham_Srinivasan !
Welcome to UiPath Community :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
When I had this issue, it was caused because of a wrong server name. What did you write in it ? Is it for gmail or another server name ?

hey hi @Hiba_B
Thank you
I am using Gmail!!!
soo by the documentation i had done
port: 465
server: “


Alright, and yo you confirm me that the email used as loggon input specified in SMTP activity contains also ?

i had done the same

I had done a silly mistake which had cost me this problem
found out the mistake
and thanks for your kind gesture

Oh great that you found a solution !! If you don’t mind, what was the solution ?

dude it was a lmao mistake

Aaaaaaaaah alright indeed haha did not see that coming :joy:
Great ! Don’t forget to mention your own post as the solution so people facing the same issue find it solved :wink:


got two more doubts.Can you pls help me with this.

Thank You,


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