GoogleOCR The invocation of the constructor on type

Getting this error while Publishing to Orchestrator from Studio during the Workflow Analyzer. Even when I turn off Workflow Analyzer on Publish, this error persists. ANY ideas??

Error: Could not load file C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\UiPath\ChartUpload\abc.xaml. Reason: The invocation of the constructor on type ‘UiPath.Core.Activities.GoogleOCR’ that matches the specified binding constraints threw an exception.

Hi @srenj

Please check whether the GoogleOCR package is downloaded or not. Also try deleting & reinstalling the package. Make sure the specified xaml is present in the mentioned location.

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Hi @srenj,

  • Check the dependencies: Ensure that all the required packages and dependencies are installed and up-to-date in both Studio and Orchestrator. You can try updating the Google OCR package to the latest version or reinstalling it.
  • Check the activity settings: Ensure that the Google OCR activity is configured correctly and all the required properties are set. Check if the activity requires any input or output parameters that are not provided.
  • Check the version compatibility: Ensure that the Google OCR activity is compatible with the version of UiPath Studio and Orchestrator you are using. You can check the compatibility matrix on the UiPath website to ensure that the versions of the activity and UiPath platform are compatible.

I’m facing the same issue. Publishing was working fine then next minute after update it broke it after the update to the latest beta. I’m on community version. There is a package called UiPath.Core.Activities.GoogleOCR inside of UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities which is the Tesseract OCR , any help is appreciated.

did you solve it? I have same issue

No I just updated UiPath and still having the same issue. @Rosca_Marius

Same issue when i update UiPath to version 2023.2.0 Comunity
Any one have solution for this error ?

I made update from Legacy to Windows project, and only this way i solve it.

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UiPath needs to update their package. I am unable to upgrade to windows project without breaking a lot of the RPA process.

This also happens with Microsoft OCR, basically all OCR is broken in the new version. and apparently it need sto be migrated to Windows for it to work again. Any help?

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Sure, if you don’t use other things in your project that have been removed or changed, it might work.
I have the same problem and after switching to Windows I got about 30 other errors. The Extension method for c# was removed and I was using it

This is some paranoia. Nothing works and I’m not going to move the whole project to WIndows just because it MAY work. Every UiPath update brings some kind of disaster.

E.g. changing the If and Else Controls to then etc. The visibility and readability of this has become CATASTROPHIC

Any news on the issue? I keep getting the same issue with one of our projects.

Conversion from Legacy to Windows sadly is not possible because the tool is not provided in the current version of UiPath Studio and doing it “by hand” breaks the project with an unknown error while compiling.

Does anyone find the solution because am getting the issue for MicrosoftOCR while publishing the process to orchestrator.