Google Text Analysis sentiment result is null

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I want to use Google Text Analysis read the sentiments from excel file and detect the sentiment sentences but the result of Google Text analysis is coming as null. Could anyone guide me how come i can resolve this.

Please provide a screenshot of the properties you have set for the GetRowItem and GoogleTextAnalysis activities.

For Get Row item

Google text Analysis

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Troubleshoot the input first - after the GetRowItem activity insert a write line activity with ‘Message’ variable. Ensure that this has data

Yes in message writeline data is coming properly but the result of google text analysis is null when i m assigning to a variable. here sentence as output

did we need to enable cloud translation api ?

Yes, you will need to set up your API key and place details of the Service URL in into the Overload groups:


You will do this on the google cloud platform and a key will be provided once a project is created.

i already added my api key just i m not getting the result of google text analysis.

in that case what is being output to your ‘sentence’ variable?


i m not getting any value in the sentence.

Try changing your AnalysisType to Language, Sentences and try again. is there any output at all?

Try changing your AnalysisType to Language, Sentiment, Sentences and try again. is there any output at all?

I tried using both the above scenario is showing “message”: “Write Line: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”,

You are outputting to ‘message’ from your get row activity. Please check that it is in fact populated directly after this activity and before being passed to the google text analysis activity.

Or better yet, replace the “Text” input to your google text analysis activity with a test string (e.g. “Hello World” and try that.


I am getting values in variable “message” but google text analysis activity doesn’t return any value. Its showing the output as the Google “Cloud Natural Language” API needs to enable which requires billing account.


If you are getting values in the ‘message’ variable then the “Write Line: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” error message would not occur.

In any case, are you now saying you have not set up the account on the google cloud?

Yes. I m getting value in message.
i want the output of Google Text Analysis that is coming as null.

i have not set up billing for cloud translation APi? Do i need to do? Now i getting error to enable this API

It should be free for limited data streams.

However, you already have an API key so I assume you have already completed this.

Best thing to do here is to strip it right back. Set up a test sequence with only the GoogleTextAnalysis activity and test your API key. Just apply the following simple properties:

If your key is correct, aligned to the relevant Natural Language project you created on Google Cloud, the language variable should be populated.

Hi, I tried with above suggestion but still i am not getting any value for language.please find my image.

I would suggest you review your setup on the google cloud platform:

Make sure you have enabled billing and follow other instructions to ensure the API is configured.

Thanks for your time.