Google Spreadsheet get files

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What alternative can be used for this one Directory.GetFiles(DownloadedFile) in Google Spreadsheet


  1. In Excel files we can get the list of files present Directory.GetFiles(DownloadedFile) in this pattern and perform the activites

2)What approach could be used for Google Spreadsheet we have with list of Spreadsheet Ids for different Spreadsheet

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Use a for loop and then inside that use google spreedsheet which can take the id as input…give currentitem

and then inside that use download spread sheet using output of use google spreadsheet


Hello @Anil_G

Actually we are required to update in the spreadsheets without downloading the Excel files

Any other alternative we could try in Spreadsheet

Thanks @Anil_G for Suggestion


Then also you have other gsuite activities to work on spread sheet…when you have id you have all the details already


So it would execute sequentially if for loop is applied ?
Basically after one spreadsheet processing steps are completed it should start with the next one


Yes…for loop will iterate over each id and currentitem will get new is for eqch iteration …and you can perform the same action on each sheet in a sequencial manner using the for loop iterator


Thanks @Anil_G for quick and detailed information!!!

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