Google spreadsheet api problem

Hey guys

Iam reading excel file with excel application scope and transfer this data to google spreadsheet through gsuite google api

For sometime i can do it easily whereas the same workflow which is fine is giving errors

Error: spreadsheet or google services unable to find

Please help me in this

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Have a view on this on how to configure and for a sample project that shows how to configure and use the G Suite activitieswith OAuth authentication:

Cheers @Shoebmd


I used api key

And oauth client id and client secret i used

This works fine sometime, while sometime the samething giving errors

Then place it inside the retry scope activity with no conditions activity used

Have only the activities that connects to gsuite in ACTION block of retry scope activity and mention number of retries as many as you want

Cheers @Shoebmd

Hey guys

Iam able to do this

I have used google service account authentication with gsuite uipath

This above youtube video helped me

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