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Is it possible when type in google search one by one,means type two words on google(ex:-flipcart and amazon with each other how to handle it)google can i handle two words one by one in google page by uipath

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select type into activity (enable click before typing. in the properties) → type into the type into activity “amazon flipkart”

simple as that :slight_smile:

you want it to print one by one
like first amazon
then Flipkart??

yes and i want space with flipkart and amazon,is it possible,because i already use type into activity but how space maintain in this activity

just make false and
give a little space in the start

Cheers @himanshur

I have excel file and in one column amazon and in second column flipcart then type together in google but maintain a space with flipcart and amazon

okay the do this
row(“yourColumn1Name”).ToString + row(“yourColumn2Name”).ToString give this in type into

you mean this right?
row("yourColumn1Name").ToString + " " + row("yourColumn2Name").ToString

In TYPE INTO activity kindly try with this expression that will type with space in between and also searching with enter key

inside the loop with open browser and type into activity mention as

row(“yourcolumn1name”).ToString+” “+ row(“yourcolumn2name”).ToString+“[k(enter)]”

While using this enable Sendwindowmessage property and disable Simulate type property

Cheers @himanshur


Thanks for everyone

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Sir Can i extract related URL(flip cart amazon) to the first page and paste in Excel sheet,Please give me one example with code if possible.

Can I have an example if possible

I want this type url shown in pic and pick only first top ten url…my input in excel(flipcart Amazon)

Yah did we try with DATA SCRAPPING

cheers @himanshur

Already use but not extract url and not paste in excel…please give me suggestion with example

Please refer the xaml file

Main.xaml (10.6 KB)

Happy Automation :slight_smile:

Thanks Blesslin

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Can i read the url page by uipath

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