Google Search results (using data scrapping in studio )not extracting results till the last page

Web browser : Google chrome - Google search results are not completely extracted till the last page. what settings to change to extract all results till the last apge?

Using modern UI expereince in UiPath studio,


Even , in Classic experience - Data scrapping gives only limited rows and not all the results till the last page of the google search.

not more than 200 rows are extracted.tried with all the below settings :

what settings to change ?

Hi @sri24

Can you please pass the xaml for the same?


it’s part of the peformer RE framework…
Open Browser.xaml (53.1 KB)

DO i have to upload just the scrapping part as a seperate xaml?

Will work… Basically I think you are not doing next page element for scrapping…

Have used Next button as mentioned above.

The Modern UI table extarction runs to almost 3 pages .

or any Google Business listings API to get entire search results ?

never have encountered such thing on my end… Can I get the XAML code for closer look at the thing.