Google forms selecting dynamically values

HI ,

I want to a google form where by taking users input, i need to write condition.

Below is my google form from that, after user gives input i need to put that value in to variable .

everything should be selected dynamically

can you be more clear.


Actually i need to dynamically get the values from the user input.

steps are
1)it should open a google form page
2)user should enter the values in to the page(all the fields are in drop down)
3)from the user input(3 fields in image) we need to write condition for eligilbity.

you need the robot to automatically take the input after the user enters it into the field?

yes right

use the text exists activity and try once.

Hi Vishal,

Here in google form user need to enter text dynamically once we run the web page.
and then by taking those values and need to move further.

1)open browser
2)after that we need to wait for user to enter the values in all the fields
and store each value in to a variable

you can set the delay for a particular time and after that use the reading and storing activities… the delay time will be critical . the user have to input all the fields within the set delay ends.