Google Drive search not returning results in all cases

I am using the Gsuite Activity to do a search on google drive. I am wanting to search for a file that is named “This_is_the-file_name_20190722”

When i do a search using the string “name contains ‘This_is_the-file_name’” no results are returned. however if i use “name contains ‘This_is_the-file’” it will find the file and same if i search for name contains ‘This_is_the’"

Is there a reason why it is not finding the file if i do a search for the full name before the date? (This_is_the-file_name), it seems to have something to do with the -, but i cant find a way around it. Can any one make some suggestions for a workaround that will allow me to search for the full file name, minus the date?

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May be that file alone might have such name
As it seems like the condition
Contains(“This_is_the-file”) works

To search for the date
Try like this in the Contains like

This will search for the current dates file

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Kevin_Schenk


Thank you for your response, how ever i am not having a problem returning the date, my concern is that if i search for “This_is_the-file” it works, but “This_is_the-file_name” does not (see attached image for clarification)

Among the two files second one is a excel file with extension .xlsx
While what is the extension of the first file
I didn’t have any extension
Cheers @Kevin_Schenk


The file is a google sheets file, no extensions are listed for these files on google drive.

May I know what is the type argument mentioned in the for each loop with input results (first loop)



The type is Google.Apis.Drive.v3.Data.File