Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError - malware or spam and cannot be downloaded

Hi all,

I am facing an issue when downloading files from gDrive using UIPath Gsuit Download File activity

The error is the following:

Download failed after 0 bytes. Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError This file has been identified as malware or spam and cannot be downloaded. [403] Errors [ Message[This file has been identified as malware or spam and cannot be downloaded.] Location[ - ] Reason[cannotDownloadAbusiveFile] Domain[global] ]

Any thoughts on this that comes to mind?

Thanks for all the help

Hi @Sidney_Vogel,

The services here repeat the same operations you do in the gui, and reflect the same errors. Do you encounter the same error when you try to do this manually?


Hi @muhammedyuzuak, no when downloading the file manually I get no errors

Hello, I am facing the same issue. The process used to work fine for a while then stopped working… any ideas ?

Same issue since Monday.

Hi All,

The problem seems to be solved now.

How you resolve this issue?

Hi @Aleem_Khan the problem just resolved it self, next day when i tried again, it just worked. I didn’t had to do anything.

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