Google announces Drive API update

I received an e-mail from Google informing me that they will update the Drive API to require resource ID in addition to file ID starting September 13th. Does anyone know if there are plans to update the GSuite package to accommodate this?
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Surely I can’t be the only one who uses Drive and realizes this is going to be an issue in the short term? If Google Drive starts requiring the resource ID, and we can’t give/get it because the activities don’t support it, then all our Drive automations will break if I’m not mistaken?

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We have received the mesasge from Google as well ("[Action Required] Drive API requires updates to your code before Sep 13, 2021"). We use UiPath activities for Drive API on quite a large scale and have not found any information on the readiness of Google Workspace activities. Maybe @StefanB @Pablito @Hassaan @Mihai_Dunareanu ?

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Hi @Jeroen, @Michal1,

Sorry for the late answer guys. I will attempt to explain the changes that are going to be made by Google.

When sharing a file with a DOMAIN or ANYONE, said file can only be accessed when adding the resource Key header to the request.

  • It does not matter if said file is shared through the browser or through the Share file activity.
  • Some files types, like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms aren’t impacted by this security update.
  • Other file types may be impacted. For all impacted file types, and admin has the possibility of turning off the security feature for that file, such that things will work exactly as before.
  • Unlike files, folder security cannot be turned off.

As you can see, the resourceKey addition is only required when sharing files with a DOMAIN or with ANYONE. In addition, the admin can still turn off the feature for a limited time.

As for the changes we are going to make to support this, we are still discussing this internally. One of the points of discussion is the fact that we are not sure we should hurry a change along, as the use case of files shared with DOMAIN/ANYONE might be so low that none of our users are going to request this change. In addition, we can always release an online patch to address this.

@Jeroen, @Michal1, do your flows use files shared with a DOMAIN/ANYONE, which would be impacted by this change?

Hi @Mihai_Dunareanu,

thanks for your reply! The explanation makes sense to me and are actually a relief for me :slight_smile: However I will have to check whether any of the files we use are shared with domain/anyone but I expect them not to be this way. Thanks again.

Hi @Mihai_Dunareanu ,
thanks for clarifying! I’ve checked our flows and none of them use files shared with domain/anyone.

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