Good to Know: Fields that are Scrolled Out of View

A few days ago I asked myself: How handle UiPath string fields which are scrolled out of view? So I have set up a small test scenario to check this. At first I created two native Windows executables with an UI. The first executable views all string fields without scrolling and the second with scrolling.


The field postcode has been moved.



To handle both executables with one UiPath process I variablized the selector attributes app and title.


So I executed my UiPath process and looked what happened.

With the first executable all works as expected.


And with the second executable also.



UiPath fills the string field, independently if it is scrolled out or not. Great :slightly_smiling_face:

And it makes no difference whether you use standard method or SimulateType - good to know that.

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Thanks for sharing.

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