Golang Resource

Hello Everyone, Anyone knows any free resource where I can learn golang programming? I have checked online to find best tutorial but I am confused about which one is better?

Hi Ankit,

If you’re a total noob with Golang, freecodecamp grants an opportunity to learn it for free. Though there are quite a few materials, you will learn the basics of this language, know the advantages and disadvantages of it, and where it is used.

If you’re experienced in software engineering, I would recommend you reading the documentation listed on their website. There is lots of content for people with an IT background. I mean, there is no need to learn what variable or function is if you are an engineer :smiley:

If you have some experience with Golang, try watching Youtube videos about concerning questions or reading a guide on how to deal with Golang apps, monitor the performance, and troubleshoot.

Good luck in mastering Golang!