Going trough the whole List(of strings) using regex


Could someone help me with this, please? I wrote this post in another existing topic a few weeks ago.

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@Mikael_Antas what output u getting from those 2 regexes?

I get the last value from the list. The output i splitted as I want but it does not give all the values from the list(of strings. I have attached an Expected output that shows how the i want it to looks like and then the exampleExcel that shows how the output is now.

This table is just an example so the regex is a bit modified but the splitting is done correctly. But wonder how I could get all the values from the list?
exampleExcel.xlsx (8.5 KB)
exampleExcel-Expected_output.xlsx (8.6 KB)

Thanks in advance for help.

I’m used write line to get the output and it goes through the list now and splits the data correctly. But when I try to write it in an excel file then it only write the last value from the list. I have assigned those regex values to one column each (column3 = regex1 and column4 = regex2)in a data table and those Assign activities are in a for loop and outside the loop I write the whole data table into a excel sheet,