Go to Option

Hello UiPath Development Team,
A very helpful option for all UiPath dev across the planet.

It would be nice if we assign a unique reference number for each sequence.
also if we have “go to” option and specify sequence number then work flow will jump from one point to another sequence.

This feature will help alot in workflow.
Please suggest if we have already implemented similar feature in UiPath.

Your inputs will be greatly appreciated

GoTo is frowned upon in the developers’ world, as it may lead to spaghetti code.

Besides, where would you go to after the called WF has finished? You shouild return to the point of call.

Maybe usng an If action and in there use the Invoke workflow action can be a solution.
Using this approach would return the programm flow to the calling WF.

Perhaps you mean GoSub (Go subroutine) which also would return to the point of call.

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@Carel Thanks. Indeed this have been proposed and decline for the same reason.