Go-to Documentation/Userguide for uipath interviews?

Hi ,

I have seen so many posts / youtube videos related to the preparation of interviews but do we have any space/documentation where everything is collated like a go to document or a quick read before we appear to interview that will cover all the main topics just to brush up the concepts?

Check Out This Recent Post. This will be useful:


Also Check These Video Series By Automate With Rakesh. Good Amount of questions are covered in this.



Here are some approaches you can consider:

-Online Coding and Interview Preparation Platforms
-Documentation and Manuals
-YouTube Tutorials and Online Courses
-UiPath Forums and Communities
-Technical Blogs and Articles
-Mock Interviews and Practice
-Company Research
-LinkedIn Learning and Udemy.



please check below link

Top 80 UiPath Interview Questions and Answers (2023) (guru99.com)