Go through links with illogically named elements


I would like to automate going through all the links on all pages at: http://www.yritysopas.com/haku/sähköyhtiöt/ (information of different energy companies) and get information such as address and phone number to a datatable from each link.

Anybody have an idea how can I get UiPath to click the next link? The elements are named badly, so using the ‘idx’-attribute and adding +1 each time doesn’t work. Using the tab-key doesn’t work either because the number of elements between each link are not the same each time.

It would be nice to hear some ideas!

You can take below approach…

  1. Extract Structured Data (I’ve tried it is allowing to extract link name and url e.g. name: Vantaan Energia Oy url: vantaanenergia/
  2. Store above structured data in CSV
  3. Iterate your CSV using For Each loop
  4. Navigate to each URL by adding prefix “http://www.yritysopas.com/
  5. Extract the required details from that page and store into data table