Go! Bug Fixes - March 2019

A newborn bug - First day with the collective hive, ready to cause chaos to systems everywhere. Its entire life has led up to this moment, years of training, boot-camps, coding, and trying to live up to the queen bug. It enters Go! with its swarm to learn how to best disrupt systems.

While admiring all the chaos the bugs have caused to the system it quickly becomes clear that something is wrong. A blast of bug spray wipes out numerous allies

Bugs Eradicated:

  • Placeholder images were missing for reviews and questions.
  • The sharing on social media of components was not displaying properly (for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and email).
  • The user profile link in Reviews and Questions pages was incorrect.

Exterminators have entered the location - using flamethrowers to wipe out legions of the bugs.

  • There was a Bad Gateway error when trying to add Google GSuite component to UiPath Studio.
  • Performance improvements:ile and detail pages ( reviews, questions, answers, versions, preview) allow the current user the correct permissions (Download, Login, Verify E-mail, Complete profile)
  • Author is correctly allowed to edit reviews and questions

Some of the bugs try a quick counter-attack, they grab one of the exterminators, and start dragging him to his demise…sweet revenge

  • Home page, components page, and detail pages all show the correct number of reviews and ratings before and after creating and deleting reviews.
  • Accurate latest download version is found when downloading on the detail page.

The bugs dragging the exterminator are quickly eradicated by a bug bomb. The newborn bug sees many of its best friends wiped out in front of its eyes. A full-scale retreat is ordered, but the newborn bug swears revenge one day, surviving today’s slaughter.


[Contact us if you spot any more bugs]