Go! Bug Fixes - April 2019


Now was the time. They had been humiliated, defeated, squashed by a mere rookie. What better time to spring a trap than when the enemy was foolishly celebrating.


  • As of this version, the users have the option to map and search Go! components in UiPath Studio.

The bugs plan would require time, cunning, and sacrifice. The plan made it all the way to the queen, who agreed with a vicious laugh and smile. But she made one addition, one that could change the tide of the war.

Bug fixes

  • A “Thank you for using UiPath Go!” notification was sent for a component that was not downloaded. It should only be shown for components that the user previously downloaded.
    *Tags field and Processes field were displaying incorrectly in Component Page. for all components that were published after curation.
  • The download did not work properly for several components.
  • A Javascript pop-up was displaying when accessing My Components window.


The trap was sprung. The bugs would get this “Robot Exterminator” the one who had humiliated them so badly last time. The sacrifice bugs lured the robot ever further into the tunnel, then they struck. The robot was theirs now. The bugs could see everything in the darkness but the robot was obviously terrified. The magnificent queen spoke “Welcome, we’ve been expecting you. Now tell us the exterminator’s secrets.”