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Hey guys,

I am trying to switch my flowchart activity after an if - statement to a previous flowchart.

E.g I have two Flowcharts - first is workWithMail, second is writeDB.

In my first WF i read emails from outlook copy the sender and copy the subject and the text inside the email.
In my second WF i take a look in the database if the sender has already send anything.

If the sender hasn’t send anything, my robot write the information of the email in my db, else i move back to my workWithMail Flowchart.

Now my question:
How can I realize the “move back to… workflow” ?

Thanks for your help!:slight_smile:


Hope below screen helps you

Place the logic in if condition, accordingly it works



ah, so you are doing it with multiple .xaml files? This looks fine.

Is there a way to do this with flowcharts in one .xaml file?


The same thing you can do in one .xaml file also, use flowcharts in one .xaml file, but it is always better to divide it in to different workflows

Hope this helps


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