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How to send email through messengers through uipath.

Just some of many options. You may want to consider a Google Search, there are plenty of tutorials.

  2. Powershell
  3. SFTP
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The answer is yes. Just click on any of the links provided, and read through the tutorials. Attempt to solve it on your own, and when you still struggle, feel free to come back. Show us what you tried. I know that didn’t want to include “Google Search” into UiPath, I was implying that you used the search in order to come up with a tutorial or solution on your own.

Activities that will help you, depending on your approach: HTTP Client for the REST API, Invoke Powershell for AWS’s CLI.


Can we upload files to AWS S3 in uipath?
If yes will you pls share the steps.

You asked two question, and you were given an answer. There is no predefined activity for storing data in S3. Also, no component or snippet shows up on UiPath Go!. Either you build it yourself using one of the methods proposed, or you have someone build it for you. The first option would allow you to learn something and grow as a developer, the second option most likely does not - hence my suggestions.

However - please note that you’re not entitled to receiving a solution for free here. Read more about the Community Guidelines here. If you need a solution quickly, you may want to consider hiring a professional.