Gmail Automation using web recorder

Hello I tried to send email using Web recorder but i’m getting error for email body.


You have activity available to send a mail.

Try Send outlook mail message activity.

If you want to do in the same way you want, can you post the screenshot of the error you are getting?

Yes, I wish to do this only by web recording but the issue is the web recorder picking the SUBJECT area as CLICK activity instead of TYPE INTO. PF screenshotss

Delete that particular activity and drag manually the type into activity and enter the text.

Yes I have tried this but still getting the same issue SelectorNotFoundE.

As per the screenshot above, you are getting the division to enter the subject in a pop up, try giving the subject and to type into activities within attach browser activities.

Were the bot entering the values correctly into the to box?

Yes, bot is entering ryt values …the only issue left is , it is taking type into as div . Screens As u can see in ss.

May be that will be the text area and one more thing is , check the click before type activity and check @kamini