Global variables not getting imported as Arguments

I have sequence named “Login” with variables(scope given as Login) as “userid”,“password” along with default values.

I have extracted the above sequence(Login) as a workflow and named as “login1”.

The problem is when I click on “Import Arguments tab”, I could not see the above declared variables as arguments.

Kindly help on this

Variables and arguments are different.

You must create arguments in the extracted workflow and then click on “Import Arguments”.

Karthik Byggari

But, in the tutorial it is mentioned that when we extract the work flow, the global variables will automatically convert into arguments. That where i am confused

Hi @rameshgp43
you can see arguments only when you create or declare them in arguments panel,
if you declare in variables panel and click import arguments you cant find any.


Yup in the tutorial its bit confusing. You must declare “userid”,“password” in Login workflow as arguments with direction in. So now when you call the workflow for login and by clicking import arguments you can see the variables “userid”,“password” and pass the values for both as you like.

Understood now… Thank you everyone for the replies

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