Global handler screenshot problem?

I use a global hander with take shotscreen activity, save screenshot activity and send email activity with the shotscreen file.
When the process has the exception, I will receive several emails with the screenshot file and the screenshot are same. The question is why is this not one email with screenshot? I perfer to get only one email with the wrong condition screenshot.
Is there any way to explain this situation and how to improve?

pls check your variables → maybe the variables are not clearing after the mail…

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i think it is not variables problem.
I guess it run several times in global handler.
In this picture, we can see there are for error screenshot files.and I revecived 4 emails.

pls check - any retry options enable with count :slight_smile:

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I believe you are attaching files from Attach files option which takes variable in input.
In Send Email activity if you will use AttachmentsCollection instead of Attach files then there would be only one email.

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i did not use the retry activity

i konw what you mean. but in my sequence showed in picture.

global handler2

Have you removed the below part from Global Exception Handler?

If No then you have to move your action (take, save screenshot and send email) into Then conditions.


pls check the complete flow of global seq once again…
also you can do a log activity in start of the global sequence and log in between of the stages and before sending… based on tht - you can validate is the seq calling multiple time from other sequences or it is iterating inside the sequence…

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yes, i removed this part.
should i add back and if i do not want retry, i just change to retrycount or result vaule, and move my action to the then or else contions?
is there any information to explain the global handler?

@fightblue Please refer to the docs link: Global Exception Handler
By default, the Global Handler template retries the exception 3 times before aborting the execution. This default behavior can be changed from inside the template.

As you have removed “Choose Next Behaviour” sequence, though it is by default retried for 3 times.

I would recommend you to download the official example and see how it works. (149.7 KB)


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