Global Handler log spam


Is there anyway to limit the amount of exception logging Global Handler does? Right not in my process if exception happens I might get spammed with several rows from the same exception as the execution jumps between Global Handler and the actual process. This does not come from retries, but form from all the individual nested activities. If I had retires on I guess the spam would be multiplied.

I also feel like I can’t seem to find any use case for ‘Abort’ as it just aborts the whole process even if I still had more transactions in queue. I would find it much more useful if we were able to abort the current transaction there and then instead of going with ‘Continue’ and getting the log spam.

Hi @Sami_Nykanen

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I think the best option for this would be to change the robot logging level in the orchestrator if you are using one. You can set the logging level to log only critical or other type of errors without all the other information logs…


Unfortunately that might not be possible as our processes often are quite long and we use info-level logging to follow the progress throughout the process, and for quick troubleshoot if something has gone wrong.

I really like the Global Handler for when I know I can just ignore some specific exceptions or when I can use it to clean exceptions logs of any sensitive data, but some parts still make me doubt if I can use it in our processes, f.ex. the ‘Abort’ functionality I mentioned in my original post that I edited.