Global Handler and Interating through database

Here is what I am trying to accomplish, I want to make a global handler that will handle any possible errors or issues the script might have. However, I am having trouble figuring out, how I would restart back to an iteration if there is an issue.

As shown below, I am iterating through a database, and doing some maintenance, however when an error occurs, I simply want to restart back to the next iteration. By using the global hander it doesn’t restart the process back at the “for each row” table

I hope this makes sense.



If it is only in the loop and should go to next iteration…then why not use try catch inside the loop and have all activities in try and continue or recovery activities in catch?


This did what i needed to do. I thought that i could use the global handler to handle the try and catch but it wasn’t doing what I had wnated it to do, which was interate through the data table.

THe try catch, by itself did work, thank you.

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