Global exception not work when I try to run orchestrator

Hi,if there is any error then global exception execute its work fine in my local m/c when I try to run same m/c from orchestrator if there is any error then global exception not execute execute.

Hi @Aditya10989,
Well, global exceptions usually means some hard issue. For orchestrator you can use for example REFramework template where you can define retry operation in case of exception. You can also use Try Catch activity and define desired behavior in case of exception.

Hi,Can you please help me on this. I am trying to integrate uipath orchestrator to jenkins when I build jenkins getting error the requested tanant name was not found and I am passing correct tenant name.Any idea on this please help me

Maybe this will help you somehow?

yes I go through on this did’t find solutions

Please remember that if you are enterprise user and having your own on-premise Orchestrator you can always use our Technical Support and open ticket: