Global Exception Handler work with Business exception or not?

I want to use Global exception handler with business exception is it possible?

@kinjalpravinbhai.v Yes you can do that. But Global Exception Handler provides retrying mechanism so it better to utilize it for any unknown or system exceptions.

You have to simple throw exception for any business exception and that you can do it within your code (just using Throw). For this I guess it doesn’t need Global Exception Handler. Below doc for ref

Business exception is compulsary for me so i’m using it
But with I also want to use Global exception so how can i use both?
Global exception only for system exception

@kinjalpravinbhai.v No, its not only for System Exceptions. But can you tell me are you going to use Throw if any business exception occurs or do you want to retry for few times ??

I want to throw if any business exception occurs