Global Exception Handler - ErrorAction.Abort not working on Studio ver 19.10.4

Previously we used studio 18.4.4 on Dev Machine, Global Exception Handler just worked as well as aborted the activity throwing exception. After Upgrading to new ver 19.10.4, Most parts of Global Exception are work except erroraction.abort. It still let the next sequence run after exception activity. We try to update all dependencies but still problem.
I try to install studio again 18.4.4 on my laptop, run this example (149.7 KB) it worked as well as exception activity was aborted. Then upgrade to new ver 19.10.4, and run this global exception example again and it cannot abort the activity and also still throw the exception.
Anyone get same issue? Please share your solution if any?

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Anyone have any ideas about this? Please help.

is there any error message?

Dear Irahmat,
I assume it’s not a expected result: Global Exception should abort the activity throwing exception.
Here is captured screen from ver 18.4.4 as it terminated the workflow after catching exception:

And here is captured screen from ver 19.10.4 as it still throw the exception and not terminated the workflow:

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I run debug as I dont know where the argument Result was assigned value Continue from :slight_smile:

Any update on this? I am having the same issue.