Global Assembly Cache (GAC) is Obsolete with dotNET 5+

With the possibility of choosing different compatibility modes, some conditions of the dotNET environment also change. One of the conditions is that the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) is only available in Windows - Legacy compatibility mode. Microsoft has described this in a documentation, that the GAC does not exists in dotNET Core, dotNET 5 and later versions. The simple use of centrally provided libraries will not exist in the future. Also it is no longer possible to use libraries from other applications, such as SAP NCo from the SAP GUI for Windows installation, which is also described here in a use case.

Since the compatibility modes differ between Windows - Legacy (dotNET Framework 4.61, x86 architecture), Windows and Cross-platform (dotNET 5, x64 architecture), we must give importance to this point of view. To ensure compatibility we will need to build more of our own NuGet packages in the future. This has the advantage that we have a better overview of the “package things”. However, it also has the disadvantage that we have to calculate administration and creation efforts for it.

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