Given key missed in UIDemo

Hi All,

I am facing the below error while executing the process that I created folling the UI demo walkthrough:
The given key was not present in dictionary.

For some reason it seems that the workflow is not retrieving the credentials from the assets.
Could someone help me figuring out what I am missing in my files?

UIDemoLogin.xaml (4.7 KB)
InitAllApplications.xaml (6.4 KB)
Config.xlsx (22.1 KB)

Thank you in advance!

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Buddy may i know which key was missing and at what activity does the error occured buddy because it seems like in your config there is no url key and value, and also credentials to login the uidemo, i think thats why you were getting error like key missing

Kindly add the url and credentials to config fle buddy for more info of how to add you can get the description from uidemo itself buddy
Kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @brunodiaz

Buddy did you pass the url and credentials in config buddy @brunodiaz

Thanks for your reply.

I passed the credentials but not URL because the UIDemo is an executable program.

The error is issued in the InitAllApplications, which includes the invoke activity to call the UiDemo_Log that execute the GetAppCredentials.

I think I have done all the required configuration but still is not working.

I am passing the credentials in the config like below and the assets are created in the orchestrator:

Am I missing something?
I am new with the UIPath and I am struggling it in this part of the exercise.
Any help would be much appreciated.


Buddy may i know how you are passing the credentials buddy @brunodiaz
if you are getting from orchestrator you need to use get credentials activity and pass that output as a argument or if you are passing from config again you must pass that as arguments as well buddy
and i would like to know what was the error buddy @brunodiaz

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Thanks the feedback.

The error message says: The given key is not in the dictionary.

I would like to pass the credentials from the config.
Do I need to pass any other arguments rather than the bellow one?


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Buddy thats UIDemoCredential…
You have mentioned as UiDemoCredential
“I” in caps as per the config file buddy @brunodiaz

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Beginners mistake:)
Thanks Buddy!

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No worries buddy
Cheers @brunodiaz
Keep going

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