Give variable in the Row content of the excel

Is it possible to give a variable in the row content which will be in the excel sheet.?
For example
“Today’s date is dd/mm/yyyy. please keep an update.”, Where date format will be the variable and the string(" ") will in the excel.

Thank you.

@Kuenzang Hi
Yes we can do this
“Today’s date is"+YourVar+"please keep an update.” do like this.

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It’s working only when it’s given in the script only.
It’s not working When it’s given in the excel.

When you are writing in the Excel using Write cell Use above expression In the value field or store it in Variable in Assign before Write Cell. How you can use it in write cell i have attached screenshotCapture

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Hi @jitendra_123
I am not going to write on the excel, I want to use the content in the row value from the sheet.

I want us this string and give the variable inside it of date format.

Will the dd/mm/yyyy part change?
From what I am understanding, you want to get the dd/mm/yyyy, and change it for current date and in UiPath you want to get something like

“Today’s date is 07/08/2019 please keep an update” ?

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Yes like that. sir

Okay, I will show you with a String and then you transfer it to work with excel okay?

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Thank you

Kuenzang.xaml (6.0 KB)

I hope you know how to get value from Excel in the value that you use.

Tell me if you have any problems :slight_smile:

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Its working for date, what if we use in for loop and want to use the variable of row(int).tostring in the string from the excel.

It will be the same. If your string is in that format just change the input in Matches and rest of the flow.
If you want send me excel file

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I will share you my work flow

Only the workflow is not enough, i need XLSX file.
But i think that will the xaml file that I sent you can configure everything

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I have sent you the whole workflow and .xlsx file.

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