Give us your thoughts about Debug options in Studio

Quick poll for you to help us decide about a feature in Studio :slight_smile:

What should be the default behaviour of the Start button image in Studio?

  • Debug Project
  • Debug File

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Feel free to discuss and argument your position in the comments. @mircea will listen carefully and take everything into account :slight_smile:


Just a little bit of background:

  • In 19.4 the default behavior was Run File in the Design Tab and we had a single option. We also had a separate option for Debug File in the Debug Tab
  • In 19.8 there are 4 Start options available both in the Design and Debug tabs:
    • Start Project (in Debug)
    • Start Project without Debugging (Run Project)
    • Start File (in Debug)
    • Start File without Debugging (Run File)

My suggestion for this feature is:

The main run button, it should remain as the debug button for the entire project. So when ever we click on the main run button, the full project should run on debug mode

Let’s leave the other options under the drop down as it is… So we should have all the features as:

Main button - Full project debug
Start project without debug - Right below it as this is required before a release
Start file in debug - We need this feature very much to test individual components
Start File without debug - let’s have it at the very bottom of all four

well others might have different thoughts depending on their view point… This is mine :slight_smile:


Personally I can not see any reason for introducing this breaking change and the 19.4 behavior was just fine.

If a change is needed I would prefer the following (including naming and hot keys)

  • Run File - F5
  • Run Project - Ctrl+F5
  • Debug File - F7
  • Debug Project - Ctrl+F7

I’d prefer the button to default back to Run File and the debug to be in the drop down and not default behavior.


Hey guys.

For the first time (I guess), I will completely disagree with @Lahiru.Fernando :rofl:
I prefer that the default behavior of the Start button is to Debug File, just like what we have in the previous versions (Run button only runs the current file).
Why? Because we are building components before running the whole project.
A project contains multiple components.
So… we will click the dropdown and choose Start File to run the component.
I believe that there are more times that we run a file than running the whole project. :slight_smile:

Thanks and regards,


yeah… it is the first time… hahaha :rofl:


For First Time I also Disagree with both @Jan_Brian_Despi and @Lahiru.Fernando(I guess :joy::joy:)

I prefer that the default behavior of the Start button is to Run Project without Debug,
Other Option Under DropDown as it

Main button - Full project without debugging
Start Project with Debugging
Start file without debugging
Start File with debugging



:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: This is turning out to be fun now hahaha


Why not just have an option in the settings to choose the default behavior of the Start Button?



good point if possible to give the setting in Studio


Yes guys. @x.Rei.Ai.x may have the best answer considering that we have different preferences.


Two days back even my team and myself were discussing about this. Glad that we have poll on this now. We would get more ideas on different workbase people.

So I would personally choose with File to be executed when we he start Button is pressed
the reason is
—we have got more than 10 major releases from 2016.1 including FTS and LTS
—all had START to run the current file so it would take some time for those people to get into this update which may (not in big scale) impact when they are designing their workflow
—Though it’s always important to upgrade the application for better performance and configuration we need to consider the people who were set with a practice and even process of executing a file. May be it may sound silly but that’s the practicality.
—Fine so even if the start button is meant for current file execution alone in foreground UI element, we can have like what @J0ska mentioned as that looks cool and won’t impact much, can be used as add on features or we can have like a drop down option as we have now, but start by default for current file execution alone.

Kindly correct me if I m wrong
Cheers @loginerror @mircea


I’d say that the Start button should do what it did the last time - i.e. it shiould have memory. So if I click the little arrow and choose to “debug current file”, the next time I click Start it will debug the current file.

And the 1st time I click it it should be some sort of debug. I’d vote for debug project, as new users are not as sophisticated to create multi-file projects, and they will get used to it debugging the whole project.


Nice suggestion. We would still need to have one being the default though :smiley:


Ah, makes sense. I would say leave it the way it has always been as the default - so as to not be a completely jarring experience for anyone who is not reading update notes as closely as we are. Then have the drop-downs for the alternative methods and the option to change the default behavior in the settings. Might be more challenging to code the drop-down options to change based on the chosen default behavior, but I’m sure it’s doable :slight_smile:


So we’re both on the same side, @Palaniyappan ! HAHAHA.




yah @Jan_Brian_Despi


Is this the first time as well? :rofl::rofl::rofl: