Give Timeout for Input Dialog

Hi All,

I’m working on a project where I need to input date at the start of the process.
If there’s no input provided after 5 minutes, the input dialog should close, the process should log ‘no input provided’ and the sequence will stop.

Any ideas to give timeout for the input dialog?

p.s. I’m using UiPath studio version 2018.4.1 and community edition

use click to Ok of input dialog inside a parallel activity.

Hi pathrudu,

Thanks for the quick reply.
My input dialog is from the uipath activities, so i can’t select the ‘Ok’ button element from the input dialog.

go through the below workflow

UserInput.xaml (8.1 KB)


Tried your workflow, I assume the ‘click push button OK’ activity should automatically click the ‘Ok’ button on the input dialog after 3 seconds.
if yes, it is not working even after i wait more than 30 seconds.
if no, can you tell me how to test this workflow?


it worked for me.

Hi @feliciaalvina
You can do it In Exception Handling.
Thanks &Regards

I have to edit the selectors but it’s working now.

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