Give the Correct File Name


I want my User to give Correct File name yhrough Input Dialog.
I have stored my decision if inputfile.equals(correctfile) then only BOT will proceed and if not then it will ask the user to try again and give correct filename.
Now I want is if the USer gives wrong file name wrong 3 times then BOT will abort and not ask again to give filename in input dialog.

Any suggestions how we can do it??


You can use File exists activity.

First i have used Input Dialog’
Thn decision if filename.equals(CorrectFile)
if not,then ask the user to give filename again
But i want my BOT to accept input from user only 3 times.
If 4th time USER gives Wrong Filename,then BOT will Abort.

@somya177 Check attached file is useful

FilePath.xaml (8.4 KB)