GitHub integration for StudioX Users?

Hey, I’m wondering if there’s any way to enable the GitHub integration into the StudioX environment like it is in Studio? It’s the same product base so all the capabilities must be there but you just can’t access the settings from within the IDE. It would be nice for our StudioX users to be using integrated source control like our Studio users are able to do.

Hi @TomJ
StudioX platform is designed with RPA beginners and general business users in mind. It focuses on making the build process easy and relevant.
Hence, understandably, source control and repository management may not be a necessity across a majority of StudioX users (and not having it show on the user interface is less overwhelming to beginners, I am sure!)

If you read the Governance and Auditing page for StudioX docs, the focus is clearly on governance of StudioX users group. Even though the doc doesn’t touch on source control or team collaboration specifically, it is easy to see why that’s not a priority in StudioX platform.

It may become available to StudioX in future as the citizen developers grow more accustomed.

To solve this problem for your team/organisation, you can still implement source control by making the project directory a git repository and manage it through advanced source control tools like GitHub, Git GUI, VS Code etc.