Git Repo cloning branches

Hello all,

We have just started to use Git for UiPAth, setup is like this.

When Developer finished development, he needs to push his script to Git, he needs to choose branch that will be dev, and in Git repo we will have, Empty master and Dev branch with our development code.

Second step is that another developer should review this script and he will clone git and check it in his own studio. If everything is ok, reviewer will push script to UAT branch. And script will run in UAT.

Now when we try to clone Git, there is no way that we can choose branch, and when we download master, UiPath says :slight_smile:


Like git is empty…

Is there any fix for this?

Is it working when you try with Git Bash or command prompt @Radomir_Ivankovic?

Yes its workin in console, but fron UiPath interfsce there is no option.

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@Radomir_Ivankovic, @HareeshMR Hi!
Do you find any solution?

Nope, solution would be to use master branch as your dev, and then manually clone to prod branch…

“You can choose the default branch for a repository. The default branch is the base branch for pull requests and code commits.”

Github repo. Settings>Branches>Set the default to the one that you require (UAT)?

I found this thread while having the same problem.

I had a project in git that only had a ‘dev’ branch - The ‘main’ branch was empty. I didn’t have permissions to change the default branch. This is what I did to get up and running:

  • Clone the project in UiPath. I got a similar error as above (“No UiPath Studio project was found…”).
  • Close UiPath Studio
  • Open git console
  • cd < project folder that was just created by the clone >
  • git checkout -b dev
  • git pull dev

Then I could launch Studio and open the project no problem.

I hope this helps.


After the Checkout is done Close the UiPath.
First install the Git and open GIT Gui and then Open existing repository browse the checkout folder.
Now click Branch>>Checkout>>

Now Select the Branch and click on checkout the Project in that branch will be fetched.


Final Step Open the Folder the files will fetched.