Git Merge activity by activity


Are there any plans to allow for more detailed merging when using GIT as a version control tool?

Having to fully overwrite files with each merge ruins some of the advantages of using GIT rather than another version control tool.

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Rikke Mohn

Thank you @3-rimo for the suggestion. We do have it on our radar for improvement. Some questions:

  • How do you expect to do merge and workflow diff in the future? Is it from Studio or a web-based tool similar to GitHub?
  • How big is your automation team?
  • Are you using other version control types like TFS/SVN as well in your organization?
  • From the Studio suite, are you using both StudioX and Studio or just Studio?
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Hello and thank you for your response,

  • I am not sure I quite understand your question, but we would like to do merge on an activity by activity basis from Studio, in the future.
  • Our automation team consists of 7 poeple.
  • Currently we are using TFS, but have found it less suitable now that we are working on many big projects together, and are more dependent on being able to cooperate on the same project more smoothly.
  • We are not using StudioX, but are using both Studio and StudioPro.

Edit: We are now possibly 15-20 people, split into two teams, who would like to switch to git as a version control tool, given this functionality is added.

Best wishes,
Rikke Mohn

Hello again,
Is there a timeline for when this will be available?
When this might be available is relevant for our decision in both teams.